VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research & Biotechnology
(Society For Plant Research)

Volume: 31, Issue: 4, December 2018

Articles : 22
Print ISSN : 0970-4078.
Online ISSN : 2229-4473.
  Volume: 31, Issue: 4, December 2018



Adopted Cropping Systems, Tillage Practices and Subsistence of Shire to May-Dimu Area Residing Farmers

Published: 30 November, -0001
Temesgen Kebede Dubale*, Worku Mengesha Estifo

The Genus Eulophia R. Brown ex Lindl. (Orchidaceae) in Tripura State, India

Published: 30 November, -0001
Panda S.P.*, B.K. Singh, M.U. Sharief, S.S. Hameed, H.N. Subudhi

Assessment of the Osmotolerant Endophytic Bacteria from Mustard and Nagphani for their Plant Growth Promoting activities under Osmotic stress

Published: 30 November, -0001
Maheshwar Singh Rathi*, Sangeeta Paul, Devender Choudhary, Manoj Kumar, Anil Chandra, Amit C. Kharkwal, Ajit Varma

Electrophoretic Characterization of the Cowpea Mutants for Seed Storage Proteins [Vigna unguiculata (L.)Walp]

Published: 30 November, -0001
Madhu Choudhary, K . Ram Krishna*, Vijay Veer Singh

Extraction, Purification and Characterization of Peroxidase form Bacopa monnieri from Ranchi

Published: 30 November, -0001
Paras Jain*, H. P. Sharma, Vishal Ahuja

Hemibiotrophic foliar Fungal Diseases and their Dynamism in GPS system in Soybean growing areas of Karnataka

Published: 30 November, -0001
Mamatha, Shamarao Jahagirdar*

Alleviating Salinity Stress in Wheat using Selenite Seed Primed

Published: 30 November, -0001
David Oyinade Aderoju*, Ajiboye Abiodun Akeem, Akomolafe Gbenga Festus, Agbolade James Oludare4, Ojo Mercy Boyede, Jolayemi Okanlawon Lekan, Olawuni Idowu Julius

Variability in some Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil along Atoposequence in Aba-Midan sub watershed in Bambasi Wereda, West Ethiopia

Published: 30 November, -0001
Daniel Adhanom, Tefera Toshome*

In vitro Antioxidant and Sub-acute toxicity studies of Aqueous extract of White butterfly (Clerodendrum volubile) leaves

Published: 30 November, -0001
Olorunfemi Raphael Molehin*, Omotade Ibidun Oloyede

Agronomic Components of Drought Stressed Wheat Plants under Different Soil Properties

Published: 30 November, -0001
David O. A.*, O. Osonubi, A. A. Ajiboye, T. O. Ajewole

Influence of Gibberellins on sink strength and Expression of Genes associated with Sucrose accumulation in Sugarcane (Saccharum spp. Hybrids)

Published: 30 November, -0001
Roopendra K., A. Chandra*,, I. Verma, S. Saxena

β-carotene Bioavailability and retention in Biofortified Maize (Zea mays L.) after Processing and Preparation of Indian foods

Published: 30 November, -0001
Sandesh G. M., C. Saran Kumar, P. Bharathi, M. Dhasarathan, A. Karthikeyan, V. Meenakshi, K. Thangaraj, S. Vellaikumar, V. Baskaran, N. Senthil*

Establishment of a highly efficient Regeneration system in Tomato var. Pusa ruby amenable to Agrobacterium tumefaciens Mediated Plant Transformation system

Published: 30 November, -0001
Pankaj Borgohain, Bhaben Chowardhara, Bedabrata Saha, Jay Prakash Awasthi, Sibashish Kitaniya, Lingaraj Sahoo, Sanjib Kumar Panda*

Blue Green Algal Flora of Alwar (Raj) India

Published: 30 November, -0001
Ritu Jain*, P. K. Jain

Karyotype Stasis and Genetic Diversity in Amomum spp. from Tripura, North-East India

Published: 30 November, -0001
Kishan Saha, Rabindra Kumar Sinha, Sangram Sinha

Identification of the Constituents lacking in Bonner-Devirian Medium that makes it Incapable of supporting Flowering of the Duckweed, Lemna gibba L. G3

Published: 30 November, -0001
Samvedana Chauhan, Shashi B. Babbar

Lignin Biodegradation in Nature and Significance

Published: 30 November, -0001
Raj Singh, Sushil Kumar Upadhyay, Anju Rani, Permod Kumar, Amit Kumar, Chhaya Singh

Structural Characterization of complete Chloroplast Genome of Sporobolus helvolus (Poaceae)

Published: 30 November, -0001
Bhatt Pritesh P., S. Vrinda Thaker

In vitro Culturing and Biochemical properties of Green and Blue-Green Algae in the Laterite soil

Published: 30 November, -0001
Binoy T. Thomas, M. V. Bhagya, S. T. Saranya Mol, Reshma Rajan

Biochemical Characterization of Building Block of Condensed Tannin in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.)

Published: 30 November, -0001
Sharda Bharti, Subodh Kumar Sinha

Differential Calcium responsiveness in terms of Plant’s Growth and accumulation of Nutrient-Anti nutrient in two Finger Millet Genotypes differing in grain Calcium content using a designed Circulatory Hydroponics system

Published: 30 November, -0001
Naved Akbar, Manoj Singh, Supriya Gupta, K. P. Singh, Anil Kumar

Biology and Biotechnology of Papaya, an important fruit crop of tropics: A Review

Published: 30 November, -0001
Suvalaxmi Palei, Dilip Kumar Dash, G. R. Rout
DOI:10.5958/2229- 4473.2018.00086.1

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