VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research & Biotechnology
(Society For Plant Research)

Volume: 33, Issue: 3, September 2020

Articles : 25
Print ISSN : 0970-4078.
Online ISSN : 2229-4473.
  Volume: 33, Issue: 3, September 2020



Correction to: Biplot analysis of diallel crosses for yield and some of morphological traits in wheat

Published: 19 May, 2020
Peyman Sharifi, Rahmatallah Karimizadeh

Correction to: Characterization of biocontrol microorganisms from the rhizoplane of Decalepis arayalpathra and screening of secondary metabolites

Published: 14 May, 2020
Shikha Srivastava

Preliminary phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity of five medicinal plants of garhwal himalaya: a comparitive study

Published: 17 July, 2020
Monika Kawra

Bioprospecting antioxidants in some non-heterocystous filamentous cyanobacteria inhabit water bodies of semi-arid Rajasthan in India

Published: 20 July, 2020
Anuj Kumar Tomer, Pawan K. Dadheech

DNA barcoding of Indian Alysicarpus (Fabaceae): ITS alone distinguishes species

Published: 24 July, 2020
Akram Gholami, Saloni Malik, Arvind S. Dhabe, Arun K. Pandey, Shashi B. Babbar

Genetic pattern analysis of some quantitative traits in lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.)

Published: 19 July, 2020
Anil Chandra Deb

In silico structural analysis and ligand-binding predictions of a few developmental stage specific-proteins during in vitro morphogenesis in Vanilla

Published: 15 July, 2020
Marufa Sultana, Gaurab Gangopadhyay

Characterization and biocontrol measures of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae associated with citrus blast disease

Published: 22 July, 2020
Md. Samiul Islam

Ultraviolet-B radiation induces physiological, biochemical, and structural changes in Viola odorata

Published: 16 July, 2020
Zahra Shafaghat, Fatemeh Zarinkamar, Mehrdad Nazari

Morphometric characterization of Apis species (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)

Published: 02 July, 2020
Gurpreet Singh Makkar, Pardeep K. Chhuneja, Jaspal Singh

Tree species diversity and biomass carbon assessment in undisturbed and disturbed tropical forests of Dibru-Saikhowa biosphere reserve in Assam North-East India

Published: 30 June, 2020
Rajendra Kr. Joshi

Foliar micro-morphology: a promising tool to improve survival percentage of tissue culture raised plantlets with special reference to in vitro propagation of Vitex negundo L.

Published: 29 June, 2020
Manokari Mani, Cokul Raj Mathiyazhagan, Priyadharshini Selvam, Mahendra Phulwaria, Mahipal S. Shekhawat

Isolation and Identification of antifungal metabolite producing endophytic Bacillus subtilis (S17) and its in vitro effect on Colletotrichum falcatum causing red rot in sugarcane

Published: 06 July, 2020
Beenu Shastri, Rajesh Kumar, Ram Ji Lal

Transition in quality attributes of true potato seed (TPS) under split application of nitrogen and boron

Published: 19 June, 2020
Rajesh Chakraborty, Tuhin Suvra Roy

Identification of useful recombinants from interspecific hybrids of Citrullus lanatus and C. colocynthis

Published: 27 June, 2020
Akarsh Parihar, M. B. Vaja, J. J. Dhruve, Rukhsar, Sushil Kumar

Structural characterization of phenolic content, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Coffea arabica green seeds

Published: 21 June, 2020
Mohammed Aissaoui, Nadjib Mohammed Rahmoun, Said Barek, Chawki Bensouici, Imad Abdelhamid El Haci

Preliminary results of mixed afforestation experiment of Betula alnoides Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don in Southern Fujian China

Published: 20 June, 2020
Bihua Chen, Bijiang Fang, Guobiao Chen, Yuqing Lin, Xinhua Dai, Yinzhen Liao, Xiaolong Hong, Qinggen Chen, Yongjian Lin, Juan Zhang

In vitro micropropagation and genetic fidelity studies using SCoT and ISSR primers in Annona reticulata L.: an important medicinal plant

Published: 23 June, 2020
Hemalatha Kudikala, Phanikanth Jogam, Abhiteja Sirikonda, Kasim Mood, Venkateswar Rao Allini

In vitro growth performance of Psidium guajava and P. guineense plantlets as affected by culture medium formulations

Published: 19 May, 2020
Márcia Adriana Carvalho dos Santos

Genetic components and Vr–Wr graphical analysis using a diallel set of crosses involved biotic stress tolerance parents in rice

Published: 13 May, 2020
Karthika Gunasekaran, Rajeswari Sivakami, Govintharaj Ponnaiah, Robin Sabariappan

Shoot organogenesis and assessment of clonal fidelity of regenerated plants of Ocimum tenuiflorum L.: Queen of Herbs

Published: 10 May, 2020
Diwakar Aggarwal

Phenological observations of selected wild edible vegetables from tropical and subtropical forest of Mizoram, Northeast India

Published: 10 May, 2020
Rosie Lalmuanpuii, Zothanpuia, Betsy Zodinpuii, J. Lalbiaknunga

Cypermethrin toxicity to rice field cyanobacterium Calothrix sp.

Published: 18 May, 2020
Kiran Gupta, P. P. Baruah

Nutritional, physico-chemical and sensory attributes of quinoa based extrudates

Published: 30 April, 2020
Omar Alajil, T. V. Hymavathi, K. Uma Maheswari, S. G. Rudra

Protein profiling of regenerative and non regenerative callus cultures of Glossonema varians: a rare, endemic and edible plant of Indian Thar Desert

Published: 29 April, 2020
Suman Parihar

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