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Journal: Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research

Vegetos 24(1)2011

Article : 29, Page : 171
Print ISSN : 0970-4078. Online ISSN : 2229-4473.


Designing Crop Plants for Biotic Stresses using Transgenic Approach
Gulzar S. Sanghera, Shabir H. Wani, Gurpreet Singh, Prem L. Kashyap, N. B. Singh

Antibacterial Potential of Nitrobacter Species against Staphylococcus aureus
J.N. Shrivastava, J. P. Shukla, Vinay Kumar

Antimicrobial Potentiality of Leaf Extracts of Saraca indica Against Some Pathogenic Bacteria
Shalini Sharma, Garima Bhardwaj

Assessing the Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects of Sodium Metabisulphite: A Food Preservative.
L K Mishra, Brijesh Yadav

Changes in Leaf Chemicals in Different Phenological Stages of Chromolaena odorata L. (King and Robinson) From Tripura.
Jhuma Das, B. K. Agarwala

Effect of AM Fungus Glomus fasciculatum on Metabolite accumulation in Four Varieties of Triticum aestivum L. Under Short-term Water stress
V.S. Bheemareddy, H.C. Lakshman

Effect of Temperature, Photoperiod and pH on In vitro Shoot Multiplication of Sugarcane
Suman Mishra

Effects of Decapitation on Vegetative Propagation of Allium roseum L. (Alliaceae) from Tunisia
Zammouri Jamila, Neffati Mohamed

In vitro Accumulation of Active Metabolites in Physalis peruviana (Linn.) Callus.
Yogendra Kumar Gautam, Renu Rani, Y. Vimala

In vitro Morphogenic Response of Plant Parts of Cardiospermum halicacabum Linn.: A Plant with Therapeutic Potential
Ichha Purak, Anita Mehta

Neptunia prostrata (lamk.) Baillon: A Socio-Economically Potential Health Diet for Rural Communities of Tripura
Saswati Chakraborti, Rabindra K. Sinha

Peroxidase Activity and Hydrogen Peroxide Production in Vigna aconitifolia Leaves Infected with Macrophomina phaseolina
Indu Ravi, Vinay Sharma

Comparing Geostatistical Approaches for Mapping Soil Properties in Poshtkouh Rangelands of Yazd Province, Iran
M.A. Zare Chahouki, A. Zare Chahouki, L. Khalasi Ahvazi

Gene Action For Yield and its Components in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)
Shiv Datt, S. K. Noren, V. P. Bhadana, P. R. Sharma

In-vitro Antimicrobial Activities of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extracts from a common weed Launaea nudicaulis (Linn.) Hook.
Prachi Sharma, Purnima Gopinathan, Tripti Bhatnagar, F K Pandey

Quality Planting Material Production through Efficient and Low Cost Micro Propagation Protocol in Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)
RK Gupta, VS Verma

Development of Monads and Associated Changes in Anther in Cypripedium cordigerum D. Don.: A rare Orchid
Ravi Kant

In vitro Production of L-DOPA In Tissue Cultures of Mucuna pruriens L.
Upendra Kumar, Ishwar Kumar, Priyanka, Y. Vimala

Phenotypic, Cytological and Molecular Investigation on Introgression of Brassica juncea into Brassica carinata
V.V. Singh, S.A. Siddiqui, Vandana Verma, P.K. Rai, Arvind Kumar

Photoinhibition Induced Alterations in the Photosynthetic Electron Transport Activities of the Wheat Primary Leaves
H. Hanumantha Reddy, B. Praveen kumar, S.D.S. Murthy

Studies on Genetic Variability in Rice Using Molecular Markers
Ashwani Kumar Singh, Ravindra Kumar, Anupam Singh, Sangita Bansal, D Singh, Akash Tomar

Suitability of Different Empirical Models for Evapotranspiration Estimation from Chickpea for Uttarakhand Tarai region
Shweta Singh, Suman Kumar, A. K. Mishra

Functional Mechanism of RNA Interference Technology: A Review
D. Singh, A. Kumar, S. Kumar

Isolation and Characterization of E. coli from Food and Environmental Samples
Purushotttam, Shefali, R. K. Agarwal, K.N. Bhilegonkar, Akash Tomar, Laxman Prasad

Molecular Marker Assays for Estimating Genetic Diversity in Aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.): A Comparative Assessment
Neha Mahajan, D. Singh, A. Kumar, V. Kumar, A. Singh, N. Kumar, B. Ramesh

Genetic Variability and Correlation Studies in Onion (Allium cepa L.)
R.B. Ram, Navaldey Bharti, M. L. Meena, Rubee Lata, Mukesh Babu

In vitro Differentiation and Transformation of Elite Basmati Rice Varieties (Oryza sativa L.)
Nikita Baliyan, Pushpendra Kumar, Purushottam

Flowering in Bambusa vulgaris var. wamin: A New Record
Sheeba M Arshad, Parul Shukla, Sanjay Kumar, SK Bhatnagar

Performance of Late Blight Resistant Advanced Potato Hybrids in North-Eastern Hill Region
V. K. Gupta, B. P. Singh, S. K. Kaushik, S. K. Luthra