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Journal: Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research

Article DOI :
Year :2012, Volume : 25, Issue :1
First page : (1) Last page : (5)
Print ISSN : 0970-4078. Online ISSN : 2229-4473.


Affect on Haloxyon ammodendron Afforestation Survival Rate of Site Conditions in Gurbantunggut Desert

Yang Meilin1, Yin Linke2,,*, Yan Cheng2, Ban Weiqiang1

Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, Urumqi, 830011, China
1Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, China
2Turpan Eremophytes Botanic Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Turpan, 838008, China

*Corresponding author email:

To discuss the effect on Haloxyon ammodendron afforestation survival rate of site conditions in Gurbantunggut desert, seven site conditions namely lower slope, middle slope, upper slope of sunny slope, lower slope, middle slope, upper slope of shady slope and flat land were choosen. Some Haloxyon ammodendron plants were planted in these site conditions during April, 2009. Water was monitored for two years i.e. 2009–2010 to conclude that under the unirrigated condition, the soil moisture of flat land is the best among seven kinds of soil moisture conditions. When the soil moisture of spring reaches higher than 5.52% and the soil moisture of summer remain above 4.01%, the Haloxyon ammodendron survival rate goes upto 84%, concluding that the soil moisture is a primary factor that affects afforestation in Gurbantunggut desert.