Prof S K Bhatnagar, Founder, Society for Plant Research interview with Journalist OP Yadav, DD News

Published: 31 Oct, 2017

Description: Any journey starts with an objective, and to achive it with zeal and devotion . In the year 1988 proposal of establishing the Society For Plant Research with an initial life membership of Rs. 500.00 came into existence Dr S K Bhatnagar prepared the documents as Secretary General and got it registered as an autonomous not for profit Organization under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 having its own constitution and bye laws which aere likely to be ammended from time to time. The society was established with the view to provide an open platform to the researchers in various disciplines of Botany, Plant Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology etc. for publishing their researches in the journal VEGETOS. Besides this, organizing Conferences and Workshops under the aegis of Society For Plant Research was an essential activity to facilitate scientific discussions, exchange of view and interaction among scientists. Publication of research journal VEGETOS was also initiated in the year 1988.