Dr Emiliano Maletta

Honorary Fellows, SPR (2022)

Dr Emiliano Maletta is basically an Agricultural Engineer and Agronomist with specific technical expertise on extensive agriculture, crop eco-physiology and crop management (University of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA). He did his post-graduation in Agricultural and Environmental Economics and PhD in Sustainable agriculture from Polytechnic University, Madrid, Spain.
Dr Emiliano Maletta founded Bioenergy Crops Ltd. at Madrid, Spain and is now based at United Kingdom. He worked as Team leader, consultant on regenerative agriculture, expert on biomass, biofertilizers and industrial crops especially on oil crops, starch crops (including sugarcane) and protein crops including gums, resins, wax and other bio-products.
Presently he is the CEO of Bioenergy Crops Ltd. Consultancy projects on biomass, regenerative agriculture and dedicated bioenergy crops worldwide. He was the Founder and co-managing Director at BEC Seed & Management (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Ghana and Philippines) which is a start up owned by Bioenergy Crops Ltd (UK) developing an exponential biomass crop model through torrefaction, pellets and briquetting industries.
Dr Maletta has a vast experience of working on petro crops in African and Asian countries like Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Pakistan etc. besides Peru, Mexico, US virgin islands, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia etc. He has a large number of research publications in international journals and has successfully run many projects.