Dr. Sunil Pabbi

Division of Microbiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India

Dr Sunil Pabbi, after seeking his education from Department of Microbiology, Panjab University, Chandigarh joined Center for conservation and utilization of Blue Green Algae, Department of Microbiology at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Currently he is Professor of Microbiology at IARI, New Delhi. He has over 35 year experience in research and teaching with major contribution in applied microbiology/phycology especially on use of microalgae as biofertilizer and other value added products. His current research interests include application of microalgae in bioindustry, bioenergy, neutraceutical and functional food preparation including proteomics and metabolomics study in microalgae. Dr. Pabbi has redefined the BGA biofertilizer production technology by developing a commercially viable protocol for indoor mass production of carrier based BGA biofertilizer. Dr Pabbi contributed to the development of a model system for integrated use of different inputs alongwith BGA and Azolla for better management of Rice-Wheat-Mungbean cropping system in north alluvial soils. A process for obtaining high purity phycocyanin from cyanobacteria has also been developed by him. His efforts in popularizing BGA biofertilizer among researchers and farmers are well recognized. Dr Sunil Pabbi served the Society for Plant Research as Event Co-Ordinator during 2018-2020 and very successfully organized international Conference PBSC-2019 at Mumbai besides Moderating the National Webinar on New Education Policy-2020, organized jointly by the Society for Plant Research and Shobhit University. It was attended by nearly 30 Vice Chancellors.