Dr. Ramaswamy Nanna


Prof.Rama Swamy Nanna is Professor in the Department of Biotechnology, Kakatiya University, Warangal (TS), India. He obtained his Doctorate Degree in the area of Genetics and Plant Breeding from Kakatiya University in 1983. He has received Indo-Netherlands cultural Exchange Fellowship-1997, TWAS-UNESCO visiting Associated Fellowship-2002&2004, Indo-Hungarian Academy of Sciences Fellowship-2008.
He has guided 23 students for their Ph.D degrees and 4 M.Phil students and has published 176 research articles in reputed National and International Journals and authored/edited 20 Books. He has completed 09 major Research Projects funded by UGC, MoEF, DBT, AICTE etc. He was coordinator for UGC-SAP-DRS Phase-I (2009-2014) & Phase-II (2015-2020).
Dr Nanna collaborated with EMBRAPA/CENARGEN, Brazil and Groningen University, Netherlands. His research resulted in developing protocols for conservation of endangered plants & Forest tree species. He Genetically Engineered the Brazilian banana sHSP genes. Transgenic fungal disease resistant groundnut and redgram was successfully developed by transferring Tc-chit-I gene and also developedthe salt and thermo tolerant cultivated tomato by transferring sHSP and AtNHX1 genes.He isolated pharmaceutically important plant secondary metabolites from various medicinal plants and screened against human pathogenic bacteria. He worked on green synthesis of nano particles and their effect on human pathogens. Purified the cost effective capsular poly saccharides production from Streptococcus pneumonia which can be used in vaccines preparation or in conjugative vaccines preparation.
Dr Rama Swamy Nanna has been conferred Academy of Plant Sciences, India Award-2005; Andhra Pradesh Scientist Award-2007; The Excellency Award-2009; State Meritorious Best Teacher Award- 2010, Talanted Biotechnologist Award-2011 (Srilanka); Talented Scientist Award-2012(USA); Excellency in Research Award-2014; Out Standing Faculty Award-2015;Prof. Panchanan Maheshwari Medal Award-2017; UGC-Visiting Research Fellow-2012; DBT-Visiting Research Professor-2018; Fellow of Telangana Academy of Sciences -2019; National Biotechnology expert-DBT, Spectrum Planning India, (Ltd) -2020; India’sMost Dynamic Achievers Award in Plant Biotechnology- 2021; SPR’s Honorary Fellow Award-2022 and Fellow of Royal Society of Biology (UK)-2023.