Dr. Vikas Kumar


Dr Vikas VK is presently a Scientist (Senior Scale) in ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (I.A.R.I), Regional Station, Wellington, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu. Dr Vikas was involved in the development and release of seventeen wheat varieties including eleven varieties of bread wheat, four of durum wheat and two of dicoccum wheat for different wheat growing zones of India besides the identification, development and registration of six genetic stocks of wheat with genes conferring resistance to stem/black, leaf/brown and stripe/yellow rust and one genetic stock (EC 531185) for drought tolerance.
Dr Vikas had been instrumental in the commercialization of first oat variety (HWO1001) for breakfast purpose which fulfills the objective of "Make in India". Besides this, Dr Vikas is actively involved in various research programs leading to the farmer’s prosperity and human health. Dr Vikas has so far published 20 research papers in the journals of high repute besides 4 book chapters.
Dr Vikas has been conferred with the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI)-Gene Stewardship Award-2018; ICAR Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences-2017-18; Endeavour Research Fellowship Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Canberra, Australia etc. He has also been a Fellow, Bose Science Society and is the recipient of Dr. R.S. Paroda award for Young Scientist (ISPGR).