Auxin supplemented Hoagland′s medium exhibits potentials of conserving endangered Taxus baccata subsp wallichiana


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Keywords: Taxus, Yew, Bio conservation, Soil‐less culture


Himalayan yew (Taxus baccata subsp wallichiana) produces Taxol (an anticancer drug) and therefore is of commercial importance. Yew is slow growing, exhibits poor regeneration rate, low survival percentage and has long seed dormancy period low viability potential. Overexploitation of Taxus has forced scientist to think of alternative measures for growing Taxus without compromising with Taxol extraction from the plant. Hydroponics is a good method for growing plants and the same was targeted in our study. The design was to grow yew cuttings in Hoagland’s medium as nutrition medium for growing Taxus with auxin (NAA, IAA, and IBA) in 250 mg/l, 500 mg/l, 1000 mg/l, 2000 mg/l, and 5000 mg/l concentration supplemented in the medium for 16 weeks. The control plants died after 16 weeks but the auxin supplemented medium kept yew cuttings alive and resulted in increase in shoot length. On average, the yew cuttings gained an increase of more than 80 % in yew cuttings for 16 weeks. From the experiment, it was deduced that auxin in the range of 250–2000 mg/l enhances the shoot length better than higher concentration. It was seen from the comparative data between eight to 16 weeks that the percentage of increase in height of yew cutting at 5000 mg/l is 7 % for IBA, 17 % for IAA and 14 % for NAA, clearly depicting that IAA and NAA are better Auxins for eliciting growth of Yew in stress condition. This strategy can work for the conservation of Taxus baccata for its ex situ conservation.

Taxus, Yew, Bio conservation, Soil‐less culture

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The authors would like to express thanks to Department of Biotechnology, Sharda University for providing space, lab facilities and internet connectivity for the work.

Author Information

Sahai Pragati
Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Greater Noida, India

Sinha Vimlendu Bhushan
Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Greater Noida, India