Effect of different PGRs on in vitro organogenesis in Viola canescens Wall. ex. Roxb. from petiole callus culture

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Keywords: Callus, Regeneration, Kn, Zeatin, BAP, IBA, GA3 , Survival percentage


An efficient protocol for in-direct in vitro regeneration of Viola canescens is described using petiole derived callus. Proliferation of callus was achieved using 2,4-D, 2,4-D: Kn, 2-4D: BAP; IBA alone or in combination with Kn on Murashige and Skoog medium. The callus differentiated into multiple shooting buds on MS medium fortified with different concentrations of various cytokinins (Kn, BAP, Zeatine and Gibberellin). Maximum average number of shoots (19.93 ± 1.79) and maximum average length of petiole (5.41 ± 0.47) was achieved when medium was fortified with 22.20 µM BAP and 18.60 + 4.0 µM Kn + Gibberellin, respectively. The microshoots were separated and rooted on full and half strength MS medium fortified with different concentrations of various auxins (IBA and NAA). Maximum average number (14.30 ± 2.24) and length (3.98 ± 0.73) of root was recorded on half strength medium fortified with 4.92 µM IBA. The regenerated plantlets were phenotypically normal and successfully transplanted to soil conditions with 90% survival percentage.

Callus, Regeneration, Kn, Zeatin, BAP, IBA, GA3
                     , Survival percentage

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Author Information

Khajuria Arun Kumar
Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Department of Botany, HNB Garhwal University, Pauri Garhwal, India