Hemibiotrophic foliar Fungal Diseases and their Dynamism in GPS system in Soybean growing areas of Karnataka


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Keywords: Hemibiotrophic, Foliar Fungal, GPS, Northern Karnataka


A survey was conducted to determine the influence of elevation, longitude and latitude against major hemibiotrophic foliar fungal diseases of soybean during kharif 2016 in soybean growing areas of northern Karnataka. Data revealed that the latitude between 14°N to 15°N recorded maximum disease severity of anthracnose (40.38 PDI), Alternaria leaf spot (28.46 PDI) and Cercospora leaf spot (11.98 PDI). As the latitude increased from 15°N to 17°N disease severity recorded at declining trend. In relation to longitude, maximum severity was observed between 74°E to 75°E. Severity showed an increasing trend from 400 m of elevation to 700 m. The maximum severity of 42.00 PDI was recorded in anthracnose, 28.45 PDI in Alternaria leaf spot and 13.64 PDI in Cercospora leaf spot at an elevation of > 700 m from mean sea level. Higher incidence and severity of foliar diseases were recorded at more than 700 m MSL, however no much difference was observed with respect to latitude and longitude.

Hemibiotrophic, Foliar Fungal, GPS, Northern Karnataka

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Author Information

Department of Plant Pathology, AICRP on Soybean, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad- 580 005, Karnataka, India

Shamarao Jahagirdar*
Department of Plant Pathology, AICRP on Soybean, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad- 580 005, Karnataka, India