Spadicoides obovata: a new record from Kumaun Himalaya, India

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Keywords: Anamorphic fungi, Asexual fungi, Leaf litter, Saprobic, Hyphomycetes, Taxonomy


Spadicoides obovata occurring on the decaying leaf litter in Berinag forest, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India is described and illustrated. This rare newly recorded fungal species from India is characterized by single, straight or slightly curved, obovoid conidia with usually up to 2 septa appearing as thick dark bands, borne over the simple, erect, and proliferating conidiophores. Apart from it, the conidiogenous cells generally formed by terminal or subterminal cells, with several minute pores serve as another conspicuous feature. Notes, illustrations, descriptions based on natural substrates and comparisons with other related species based on morphological traits are provided in this paper. This represents the first report of S. obovata from India.

Anamorphic fungi, Asexual fungi, Leaf litter, Saprobic, Hyphomycetes, Taxonomy

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The authors thank the Head, Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India and Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India for providing necessary library facilities to carry out the work and for the deposition of the studied specimen in the Herbarium, respectively. We gratefully acknowledge the websites provided by Dr. P. M. Kirk (Index Fungorum) and Dr. K. Bensch (MycoBank).

Author Information

Dubey Manish Kumar
Department of Biosciences, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India