Agronomic and physiological response of various Japanese plums (Prunus salicina L.) to severe water stress

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Keywords: n Prunus salicina L., Drought stress tolerance, Vegetative growth, Productive potential, Physiological screening


There are no established studies investigating the impact of drought stress tolerance on plum’s performance (Prunus salicina L.) in Morocco. This study aimed to assess the effect of sustained deficit irrigation (SDI) on the yield and physiological traits of plums during the fruit development period in the Sais plain, northern Morocco. Eleven plum cultivars were planted in an ex-situ collection at the experimental station of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) of Morocco, were assessed for two consecutive years for their tolerance to water stress of 50% of crop evapotranspiration ETc (SDI), compared to control trees irrigated at 100% ETc (FI). The measurements included fruit yield, fruit weight, number of leaves per 10 cm shoot, leaf area, stomatal density, stomatal area, stomatal area index, chlorophyll pigment content (Cha and Chb), stomatal conductance and leaf content in cuticular wax and proline. Results showed significant differences among the cultivars in response to water stress for all measured traits. These effects led to significant reductions in production level, vegetative growth, and physiological traits during the two consecutive years. Cluster analysis revealed three distinct main groups within the cultivars studied for drought tolerance.

n                     Prunus salicina L., Drought stress tolerance, Vegetative growth, Productive potential, Physiological screening

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The authors thank C.D. Khalfi, M. Alghoum and E. Bouichou for assistance with field and laboratory work and M. Lahlou for his help in experimental orchard management and treatment applications.

Author Information

Hamdani Anas
National Agricultural Research Institute, Meknes, Morocco