Changes in Madhuca latifolia Macbride seed oil content and quality upon storage at different duration and condition

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Keywords: Food value, Mahua seed oil content, Saponification value, Iodine value


Madhuca latifolia Macbride (commonly known as Mahua) is an important multipurpose tree with great socioeconomic relevance. The post-harvest spoilage of fruits and seeds due to improper handling and filthy storage conditions is a major limitation to quality oil products. Therefore, a study was carried out to find the best storage medium and optimum duration to retain better oil content and other oil quality parameters. In order to evaluate the change in oil content and other quality parameters, the extracted and pre-treated mahua seeds were stored in 3 container bags (polythene, plastic and jute), kept under two storage environment (light and dark) and subjected to two air exposure (closed and open condition) were monitored at a monthly interval till 180 days. The oil content, saponification value and iodine value of the stored seeds were decreased with time while specific gravity, acid value and free fatty acid in the stored seeds increased. The oil content during storage was in order of polythene bag (44.09%) > cotton bag (42.78%) > plastic bag (33.89%). The closed plastic container exposed to light was the best storage method for retaining higher oil content. On the other hand, closed polythene bag kept in dark was the best storage method for retaining higher saponification value and this treatment combination is suggested to be good for soap industry.

Food value, Mahua seed oil content, Saponification value, Iodine value

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Nayak Saswat
Department of Forestry, School of Earth Sciences and Natural Resource Management, Mizoram University, Aizawl, India