Diurnal and seasonal gas exchange characteristics of Jatropha curcas leaves


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Keywords: Diurnal, Jatropha curcas , Photosynthesis, Seasonal, Water relation


The present study aimed to compare the physiological adaptations of Jatropha curcas under two different climatic variables. The leaf gas exchange and photochemical efficiency measurements were performed in the dry (May–June) and rainy season (July–August). During rainy season, Jatropha presented better photosynthetic performance because the conditions of water availability in the soil was slightly more than in the summer season. A greater vapor pressure deficit was measured during the summer season with impaired stomatal dynamics which conferred loss in photosynthesis. As, dry summer season induced photoinhibition of photosynthesis in the leaves of Jatropha curcas around mid-day, with rapid recovery in the afternoon may show significant changes in their photosynthetic activities during the seasonal and diurnal cycles of environmental variables.

                Jatropha curcas
              , Photosynthesis, Seasonal, Water relation

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A Senior Research Fellowship provided to Sanjay Ranjan by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India, is gratefully acknowledged. We shall always remain grateful to Dr. P.V. Sane, Fellow National Academy of Sciences (FNA), India, the former Director NBRI, Lucknow and Dr. Rekha Chaturvedi for their time to time guidance.

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Ranjan Sanjay
Division of Plant Physiology, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, India

Verma Krishan K.
Department of Botany, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, India