Ecological Studies of the Freshwater Phytoplankton Community in Ranchi Lake, Jharkhand

Kumari Sonia*, Guru Sushma Das

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Doi: 10.5958/2229-4473.2017.00164.1
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Keywords: phytoplankton, ecology, physico-chemical environment, Cyanophyceae, Bacil lar iophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Dinophyceae.


The ecological study of phytoplankton community in Ranchi Lake was made during March 2009 to February 2011. Phytoplankton are the autotrophic organisms which perform photosynthetic activity in an aquatic ecosystem. The physico-chemical environment of phytoplankton in Ranchi Lake, its seasonal periodicity and interrelationships of some parameters are primarily associated with sewage contamination. Present investigation deals with the qualitative and quantitative structure of the algal community in Ranchi Lake comprising 126 species of phytoplankton belonging to 58 genera (12 Cyanophyceae, 34 Chlorophyceae, 7 Bacillariophyceae, 2 Euglenophyceae and 3 Dinophyceae). Estimation of values of various diversity indices like Shannon-Weaver diversity index, Evenness index, index of Dominance and Species Richness index also create awareness to monitor the trophic state of the water body. As a result of the present investigation it was concluded that sewage contamination causes fluctuation in physico-chemical factors. The change in these physico-chemical parameters affects the water quality and leads to seasonal fluctuation in the phytoplankton composition.

The data obtained here can be used to check the pollution level in this region. The outlook of the author is that the present report will help in taking suitable measures to ensure any damages to biodiversity. The study will also give additional information leading towards better ecological management of the aquatic assets.

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Kumari Sonia* Guru Sushma Das
Department of Botany, Ranchi Women s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Email:,

*Corresponding author: Sonia Kumari, Department of Botany, Ranchi Women s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. E-mail: