Endemic tree species in tropical rainforest biodiversity hotspot imperilled by unsustainable exploit in Southwest, Nigeria

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Keywords: Evenness, Stratum, Cluster, Shannon, Margalef, Biodiversity


This study was carried out in Idanre and Oluwa forest reserves to examine the species richness, structure, composition and diversity. The forest reserves were classified into seven land use/land cover classes to capture its variability. But only two of the landuse classes were considered for this study (Natural and Disturbed forest landuse classes) because they contained the indigenous tree species. Stratified random sampling was adopted for this study where land cover classes were considered as strata. The forest reserves were gridded and each grid area called as “cluster”. Four clusters were selected randomly from each stratum and their coordinates recorded, and then inputted into GPS receiver to locate the first plot. Because every clusters; contained three plots of 35 × 35 m as elbow, north and east plots. The elbow plots were laid southwest corner and 10 m distance was adopted between plots. Then, each plot contained three nested plots covering varied diameter classes. The diameter at breast height (DBH) was measured for all live trees within the plots and their scientific names recorded. Data collected were analysed using R-studio and PAST software for species diversity. It was observed that these forest reserves are endowed with high species diversity indices. The average stems per hectare were 376 stem ha−1 and 467 stem ha−1 for Oluwa and Idanre forest reserve, respectively. It is evident that these forest reserves hold great biodiversity potentials.

Evenness, Stratum, Cluster, Shannon, Margalef, Biodiversity

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Author Information

Ajayi Ezekiel
Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Nigeria