Screening for urdbean leaf crinkle disease at field condition in blackgram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper]

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Keywords: Blackgram, ULCD, Artificial screening, Resistance


Urdbean leaf crinkle disease (ULCD) is one of the most destructive diseases of blackgram. The causal agent is reported to be transmitted by whitefly, aphid, seed, and sap. Management strategies were developed to control the disease and vector. However, work on the development of resistant cultivars to ULCD is limited due to the non-availability of the resistant sources. Hence, in the present investigation, 27 genotypes were evaluated at the National Pulses Research Centre, Vamban during summer 2019 and repeated during late summer 2019 for their resistance against urdbean leaf crinkle virus disease. None of the genotypes recorded a highly resistant reaction. Among the 27 genotypes, CO 5 recorded resistance reaction in both the screening. Genotypes viz., APK 1 and Mash 1008 recorded moderate resistance in both the screening. Hence genotypes CO 5, APK 1, and Mash 1008 may be used as donors in the ULCD disease resistance breeding programme.

Blackgram, ULCD, Artificial screening, Resistance

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The authors acknowledge the help rendered by Mr. Arul Doss, Agricultural Supervisor, NPRC, Vamban in the trial.

Author Information

Palanivelu Sathya
National Pulses Research Center, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Vamban, India