Using FTIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for classifying of algerian medicinal plant species

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Doi: 10.1007/s42535-021-00309-8
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Keywords: Algerian plants, Classification, FTIR, Chemometrics analysis, PCA, HCA


Algerian plants, Classification,  FTIR,  Chemometrics analysis, PCA,  HCA

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We gratefully acknowledge the many collaborators who have provided samples and/or measurements described in this work. We specifically recognize Djamila Berra and Ali Tliba.

Author Information

Zeghoud Soumeia
Laboratory Valorization and Technology of Saharan Resources (VTRS), University of El Oued, El Oued, Algeria

Hemmami Hadia
Laboratory Valorization and Technology of Saharan Resources (VTRS), University of El Oued, El Oued, Algeria

Rebiai Abdelkrim
Laboratory Valorization and Technology of Saharan Resources (VTRS), University of El Oued, El Oued, Algeria

Ben Seghir Bachir
Laboratory of Industrial Analysis and Materials Engineering (LAIGM), Guelma, Algeria