Diversity of Family Pottiaceae in Mount Abu (Rajasthan) with Morphology and Anatomy of Selected taxa

Pandey Saumya, Rawat K.K.1, Verma P.K.2

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Print ISSN : 0970-4078.
Online ISSN : 2229-4473.
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Doi: 10.5958/2229-4473.2018.00033.2
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Keywords: Pottiaceae, Mount Abu, Diversity, Taxonomy.


Mount Abu, an ignored mountain range by most of the bryologists has scanty information regarding the bryo-diversity. The present study focuses on the taxonomy and diversity of family Pottiaceae (Pottiales) in this ignored mountain range. The most prevalent family of this region is Pottiaceae, hence, all the taxa of this family have been studied with complete morpho-anatomical details. Being the largest family of order Pottiales, it is reported in Mount Abu with 17 species under 13 genera. In present study, 10 species of Pottiaceae were observed in Mount Abu, out of which four species viz., Hyophila rosea Williams, Hyophila nymaniana (Fleisch.) Menzel, Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dix., and Barbula indica (Hook.) Spreng. are being reported here as new to this region A key to the studied taxa is provided with comments on their distributions and altitudinal ranges.

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Author Information

Pandey Saumya Rawat K.K.1 Verma P.K.2
1CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow, India

2Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India

*Corresponding author: Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Banasthali University, Tonk, Rajasthan, India, E-mail: afrozalamsafvi@gmail.com