Foliar application of banana pseudostem sap based liquid organic fertilizer enhances growth, yield and quality of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.)

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Keywords: Banana pseudostem sap, Foliar application, Panchagavya, Strawberry, Vermiwash


A field experiment was carried out to determine the effects of foliar application of different liquid organic fertilizers on plant growth, yield and quality of strawberry (cv. Winter Dawn). For this purpose, banana pseudostem sap based liquid organic fertilizer [Novel organic liquid fertilizer (NOLF)], vermiwash (VW) collected from a vermicompost unit of vegetable waste and panchagavya (PG) were applied at 0.5% (v/v) and 1.0% (v/v) concentration in spray solutions to the strawberry plants, 30 and 60 days after planting of uniform runners. The results indicated that foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) NOLF was found to be the superior among all other foliar treatments applied for strawberry cultivation. However, foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) NOLF improved the plant growth and fruit yield attributing parameters of strawberry over the conventional foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) VW and 1.0% (v/v) PG, respectively in a non-significant manner. The lowest quantity of misshapen (12.55%) fruits were harvested from the strawberry plants receiving foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) NOLF and resulting the highest marketable fruit yield (304.67 g plant−1 and 10,400.0 kg ha−1). This treatment also produced fruits with the highest vitamin C (94.65 mg 100 g−1) and total sugar (9.69%) content significantly over the control plants. The sensory parameters (colour, texture, flavour, overall appearance and overall acceptance) of the strawberry were also found to be superior with the foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) NOLF. However, foliar application of 1.0% (v/v) PG significantly reduced the disease infected (2.45%) fruits in strawberry. The use of 1.0% (v/v) NOLF increased the farmers’ income, 4.2% and 10.4% over the use of 1.0% (v/v) PG and1.0% (v/v) VW, respectively. The study confirmed that the sap extracted from banana pseudostem is a potential liquid fertilizer for strawberry.

Banana pseudostem sap, Foliar application, Panchagavya, Strawberry, Vermiwash

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Author Information

Chakraborty Binayak
Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Waghai, India